button_mentoringWe all have a need for love and to know we are not alone. A mentorship relationship is a powerful experience for everyone involved. We offer the one-on-one connection for prisoners and reentry individuals who desire to build this relationship of teaching, accountability and learning. Building this trusted relationship provides that support and encouragement to create and realize long term life goals as well as personal and spiritual development.

Studies have shown that at-promise young adults who had a mentor are more likely to have aspired to go to college and to be in college now.

A Look at the Numbers

  • At the one-year post-release mark, participants who were mentored, regardless of whether they ever became employed, were 35 percent less likely to recidivate than those who were not mentored.*

Mentoring Former Prisoners: A Guide for Reentry Programs, Mentoring Former Prisoners: A Guide for Reentry Programs, 2009. Public/Private Ventures and Renata Cobbs Fletcher and Jerry Sherk
with Linda Jucovy

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