Our Services

deliver-more-heloGet on Your Feet is all about one thing – helping prisoners rebuild their lives and be set free from the invisible prison of mindset and lack of opportunities that remain after their release date. We believe successful re-entry comes from our:

Our services are targeted towards juvenile and adult inmates who are preparing for or are in the process of re-entry in society. 

Who Is Get on Your Feet For?

This program is for men and women who are incarcerated or have recently been released; who are looking for help in creating and sustaining a productive and prosperous life by addressing the core issues and beliefs that drew them off their purpose to begin with.

We reach out to those who are hurting and aloneHas your experience left you asking the questions:


Why Me?      Who am I Now?    Can I forgive?


For many, the transition back into society is a lonely and confusing time; filled with a lot of rejection. At Get on Your Feet  we will walk with you offering: educational support, life skills, encouragement, and referrals to other organizations to help you begin again. We will walk beside you as you move forward on your journey of finding hope and healing.

We believe through serving you in love, kindness, and truth, with understanding, that you can overcome your obstacles and Get on Your Feet!  You choosing to apply these principals to your day-to-day life will allow you to transform and reach beyond the pain and hurt to fulfill your purpose and dreams.

 You are not alone… We are in this together!

Are you ready to Get on Your Feet?

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