No More Silence on Violence!

#NMSOVViolence is a disease.

And like a disease, it runs rampant in our society today. It impacts individuals, families, large and small businesses, and our communities as a whole.

Violence has no regard for socioeconomic status, race, or gender.

We hear of violence daily in the news.  In various places around our world, we hear or read about strikingly similar scenarios from Michael Brown to Alton Sterling to the domestic violence cases of NFL players.

We cringe at the increase of shootings occurring in our schools and other public places. We worry whether our family members will return home in the same condition in which they left to start off their days. We suffer anxiety as we wonder if our children or grandchildren will be the next victim.

Unfortunately, there are many more stories just like these. Although many of those stories never hit the national spotlight, the effect of these spates of violent behavior are felt all around the world. This violence causes a ripple effect of grief and fear beginning with the immediate families and friends of the victims, then moving through all of society.

Fortunately, there is a cure for this violence. It begins with forgiveness and continues with people choosing to become involved. Forgiveness isn’t about ignoring the facts of the situation. Nor is forgiveness about releasing people from the consequences of their actions. And forgiveness certainly does not condone violence.

Forgiveness is the cure that will help us break the cycle of personal pain and sense of revenge that fuels the cycle of violence.

Monica Hawkins is a catalyst in fueling this message. She is currently pioneering events that will help us get past the disease of violence and work our way through to the recovery of all things. Monica’s own son, Donté Hawkins, was murdered May 6, 2012 during an episode of street violence. Monica has been walking the grief journey and the path to forgiveness since that night. Monica asks that we all stand in unity and commit to, “No More Silence On Violence!”

Join us for our annual No More Silence on Violence Event.

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Monica Hawkins has initiated an effort as a commitment to “No More Silence On Violence!” She has created a scholarship fund in honor of her son, Donté. This scholarship helps fight against violence by helping students stay in college. The main strategy she utilizes is offering financial support for purchasing their text books, one of the major reasons students are forced to drop from the college rolls.

As we move into the third year of this life-changing scholarship fund, we  offer you the opportunity to commit to “No More Silence On Violence!” by donating to this fund.

We seek corporate and individual sponsors to help us Deliver More Help through saying “No More Silence on Violence!”  Corporate sponsorships available now.


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