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Revive-2 has been working with students since 2011Get On Your Feet (GOYF) is driven by the passion and the personal experiences of the administrative team having many of our friends and love ones being lost in the criminal justice system. Experiencing the feeling of hopelessness to provide the guidance in navigating them through the system that can be dismal.  We are committed to use our knowledge and expertise to help adjudicated offenders transition back into society “NOT” as the number they have identified with in prison but  as a responsible citizens. We believe in giving them the skills and confidence to give back so they can say #IContribute  in a positive way to my family, friends and my community.

GOYF originated through Monica’s efforts of helping adjudicated offenders since 1989. Initially she dealt with friends and loves ones but she realized what she was doing could serve a larger group.  With that mindset and seeing the need, she volunteered her time and reached over 200 ex-offenders  by traveling from prison to prison, community to community and church to church conducting Bible study, attending court hearings, and being a hope instructor at facilities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Even though it was going well, she desired to be more effective and deliver more services in small group settings and leveraging evidence based research to meet the needs of the ex-offenders. From her perspective, she always believed they still had a voice.  Her passion lead her to others with the same desire to help prisoners. This led to the official formation of Get On Your Feet 2018. She brought the experience she gained from her efforts in Pittsburgh into the Colorado prison system and desires to create a model that will go nationwide.

Get On Your Feet will partner with ex-offenders, community organizations, and parole/probation departments in developing a parole plan by identifying mentors, life skills needed, housing assistance and employment opportunities.


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