Job Readiness

We understand from experience finding a job without a criminal record can be a challenge and having a criminal record can make it even more challenging. However, our Job Readiness Coordinators are savvy with assisting our participants in navigating the complexity of job searching and the frustrations that comes along with it. Our one-on-one job readiness assessment and group training sessions provide our participants with new tools, skills, and confidence to prepare them for the competitive job market. 

Our goal is to help our participants build good work habits that will benefit their employer  as well as help them produce a sustainable income. GOYF Job Readiness services is designed to give our participants a good start by leveraging our network of “felony friendly” businesses. These businesses are committed to supporting their success through understanding the learning curve of new job responsibilities.

GOYF is changing the Narrative by building the Job Package

Step 1: Building Confidence
We help our participants  build the confidence to jump into the job market. It is what any job seekers needs to get positive about their job possibilities despite their criminal record.  They will develop the practical techniques to identify their individual uniqueness and leverage the trainings received in prison to launch their journey into the job market.

Step 2:  The Build the Job Package

  1. Create a 21st Century résumé and obtain other job seeker correspondence such as cover letters, thank you notes and job seeker business cards. Learn how using keywords in your résumé can increase the chances of being called for an interview.
  2. Learn to build job searching skills via the internet- We will teach the basic techniques to complete job searches.
  3. Build digital Job Footprint – Learn to leverage technology – In order to be successful at job searches we will assist our participants how to set up a free e-mail account, select an appropriate e-mail address, use job boards, and complete on line applications and how to respond to the employers electronically.
  4. Learn to Interview- We teach our participants practical interview techniques that tells their narrative (overcoming the criminal record), how to interview whether via phone or face to face, and help them build questions for the potential employer.
  5. Landing the Job- Getting the job is one thing, but there are new habits needed in to maintain the job. Our Job Readiness Coordinator will assist our participants to stay the course and help overcome obstacles through our 90 Day Stay the Course strategy for them and their new employer.

To be eligible, an individual must be referred through the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the U.S. Probation Office, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Parole or a reliable non-profit organization.

Our Current Partners

We have currently partnered with the following organizations to offer training, licensing and career opportunities.

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